Have you been thinking about purchasing a magnetic glass whiteboard for your office, educational or healthcare facility? This innovative solution to traditional whiteboards is ideal for any space where communication, inspiration or teaching is at the forefront of your space. While GlasPro’s glass whiteboards come in magnetic or non-magnetic options, our clients generally prefer the option of magnetic to incorporate more tactile illustrations or information for communication. Additionally, you can choose any custom color or graphic image to be incorporated into your glass boards. Here are some reasons why a magnetic glass whiteboard is ideal for your office, educational or healthcare facility.


As so much is communicated through online means these days, highly organized offices have a designated space for visual and tactile communication. Magnetic glass whiteboards are perfect for these spaces, as they provide the opportunity to hang notes, schedules, or printed information on the whiteboard. In addition to being perfect for memo boards, magnetic glass boards are great for meeting rooms designated for brainstorming and any sort of creative ideation that needs visual representation.

Educational Facilities

Educational facilities, whether focused on grade school or university level, can reap the benefits of magnetic glass whiteboards. Utilizing magnets offers additional functionality for educators to display no-name papers, group assignments, or memos. This tool of communication is a great way to convey important information that students can reference at the beginning or end of class. Magnetic glass whiteboards are also a wonderful way to add illustrations or visual elements to a lecture. Hanging photos or illustrations to enhance a lecture is a great way to keep learners engaged.

Healthcare Facilities

Whiteboards have been a longstanding part of the healthcare system for patient rooms, nurse stations and critical care areas. One of the reasons glass whiteboards are superior to traditional whiteboards is the cleanliness they provide, making them ideal for healthcare settings, and, you do not get the ‘ghosting ‘ problem with conventional whiteboards. Magnetic glass whiteboards can be used in a variety of ways in healthcare facilities – patient boards to communicate with colleagues and families, nursing stations to communicate internally regarding patients, and meeting rooms designated for staff meetings. This favored communication tool of the healthcare industry has simply been made better over time by the introduction of magnetic glass boards, by leading companies such as GlasPro.

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