Photo credit: Smart Design Group

OpenRoad Toyota – Richmond, British Columbia

If you’re looking for back painted glass for a beautiful commercial project, we have a stunning example of a recent project we did for inspiration. When the OpenRoad Toyota Dealership contacted Surface Products to help with the design of their auto dealership, we were thrilled to help create a luxury showroom for them. When thinking of new cars, one imagines sleek and sophisticated design, so we wanted to embody the same feeling in their showroom by using back painted glass throughout. The red-orange hue is visually striking, and one can’t help but be immediately be drawn to the informational timeline embedded in the back painted glass. Not only is this a visually stunning aspect of the sleek wall, but this provides a great educational opportunity for those working on the floors to create connections and inspire conversation with potential customers.

What is Back Painted Colored Glass?

Back Painted Glass by GlasPro is an ideal solution for any design condition that demands performance and artistry. The high-quality of GlasPro’s back painted glass ensures a rich pigment, sleek finish, and longevity of wear. This style of colored glass is a modern alternative in the world’s decorative glass and architectural glass industries to other surfacing materials such as tiles and laminates. Our back painted glass allows you to customize and contour the feeling of any space and is perfectly suited for all wall applications, elevator cabs and backsplashes.

Extraordinary Possibilities with Back Painted Glass

The possibilities are extraordinary with back painted glass. Our panels come in a max size of 96×180 and can bring a high-quality and stunning pop of color to your setting. You can take a look at our 49 standard colors that have been inspired by recent color trends or, request your own custom color from an existing sample, paint swatch, or Pantone.

If you would like to talk further about how back painted glass can be incorporated into your project, contact us today to learn more about how we can guide you on your project!