MirroFlex™ textured laminates are 3-dimensional, thermoplastic wall panels and ceiling tiles that are available in hundreds of pattern and finish combinations.

MirroFlex offers design flexibility and is suitable for walls in both 4′ x 8′ and 4′ x 10′, wainscoting, and backsplash panels. MirroFlex also offers great alternatives to tin and acoustic ceilings with lay-in and glue-up ceiling tiles available in 2′ x2′ and 2′ x 4′ sizes. MirroFlex is lightweight, impact and abrasion resistant, stain resistant, Class A fire rated, and is easy to install over most substrates including drywall. Many designs come with our BIO (Built-In-Overlap) system that makes installation easy and creates a less visible seam. With competitive price points, no minimum order quantities, and quick turnaround times – MirroFlex is a great solution for your interior design needs.

Create Your Formula

MirroFlex Structures offers hundreds of design and finish combinations suitable for any environment. Here’s how to create your formula for success.

surface products MirroFlex textured laminates formula

Pattern + Finish = MirroFlex Structures

Japanese Weave + Crosshatch Silver (Pictured)

Why Choose MirroFlex?

  • Lightweight & Flexible
  • Easy to Install
  • High Impact, Abrasion, & Chemical Resistant Properties
  • Hundreds of Design Combinations Available
  • Custom Capabilities
  • No Minimum Order Quantities & Short Lead Times
  • Economical Packaged Shipping to Any Job Site

MirroFlex Catalogs

See what MirroFlex will look like in a space

ATI MirroFlex Visualizer

Use ATI’s MirroFlex Visualizer to try all of our pattern and finish combinations on walls, ceilings, and counters with just the click of a button!

Standard MirroFlex Patterns

ATI MirroFlex Visualizer

To view the standard MirroFlex patterns click image above.

Standard MirroFlex Finishes

ATI MirroFlex Finishes

To view the standard MirroFlex finishes click image above.

MirroFlex Project Gallery

Fusion Printing

To view the ATI MirroFlex Project Gallery click the image above.

Explore MirroFlex Solutions

Explore wall, wainscot, and backsplash panels designs. MirroFlex Structures offer a wide range of deeply textured, 3-dimensional decorative wall panels for almost every wall-paneling requirement.

Explore Glue-Up, Lay-In, and Acoustic/Perforated options. MirroFlex Ceiling Tiles are ppaque, thermoplastic square and rectangular panels available in a wide range of patterns, finishes, and styles.

Designed for installations that may require special consideration. MirroFlex Flat Sheets can be used to create some very dramatic design effects, including the ability to be die cut to almost any shape needed, and the ability to be bent and used on a wide range of curved surfaces.

MirroFlex Tub and Shower Walls are a home renovator’s dream thanks to their durable, non-porous, grout-free properties and easy installation and maintenance. They are suitable for both residential and commercial environments.

The solution to resurfacing damaged doors. MirroFlex Door Skins are designed to apply over existing flat panel doors for a new, fresh look without the expense.
ATI offers a wide range of accessories to compliment the full range of MirroFlex product offerings including: GridMax™, trim, crown molding, and the hold-down clip system for ceilings.
Elevate Your Brand with Custom Logos and Graphics. Our Custom Tooling program allows customers to incorporate one-of-a-kind designs and logos into the material yielding a functional, durable and affordable branded surface for walls and ceilings.
Take Your Vision to a New Dimension! Combined with a custom or stock MirroFlex Structures pattern, ATI can add spot color or even print company logos as a unique application.

Strikingly Beautiful, Deeply Textured, and Durable Decorative Surfacing Solutions

Watch ATI’s product video to learn how you can enhance your next project with MirroFlex. Ideal for hospitality, healthcare and institutional, retail, commercial and residential design markets. Visit our YouTube Channel to learn more about our other products.

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