Surface Products is a proud supplier of custom bent glass products.

The science of manufacturing bent glass has been elevated to an art form. We have built a reputation on the ability to execute the most challenging, highly technical bent, bent laminated and bent dual-glazed projects in the world. Our extensive inventory of colors and textures allows us to offer the widest possible range of solutions wherever safety, energy efficiency and design considerations are paramount.

Glass Design that’s Safe and Beautiful

Our extensive range and depth of experience provides us with the requisite knowledge and know-how to create some of the most beautiful and safe, bent glass designs in the world. Conforming to safety and industry standards is an integral part of our design process – we know how to manufacture glass to meet the individual needs of your project. We can bend and curve glass into a variety of shapes providing unparalleled possibilities for a creative and visually stunning design. We are experts in crafting complicated and intricate designs, so you can rest assured that your dream project will come to fruition.

If it’s functionality you want, we can provide recommendations for different types of glass that will reduce glare, lower energy consumption, or prevent the bleaching of interior fabrics from sunlight through UV protection. We will expertly guide you in selecting the proper tint, coatings and other glass elements to elevate your space’s functionality and beauty. We can manufacture bent or curved glass to meet your needs.

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