Bird Safe Fritted Glass for Railings

Bird Safe fritted glass for railings is an ideal, long-lasting solution for railings that blends bird-friendly function with performance and aesthetics. We proudly carry GlasPro’s silk-screened, ceramic frit patterns on glass. These products can reduce bird collisions with railings as they are always visible, even with strong reflections. The Bird Safe Fritted Glass options comply with the bird-friendly 2 x 4 rule which is related to the size and shape of birds in flight. GlasPro options include 1) white ceramic dots covering 20 percent of the glass or 2) 1/8” lines on the outermost (1st) surface of the glass.

Product Specifications

  • Thickness: 6mm (1/4″)
  • Dimensions: Max size 96″ x 156″
  • Substrates: Clear and Starphire Ultra-Clear™
  • Warranty: 5 – year warranty


Fritted Glass with Horizontal Lines

Autex Acoustic Panels Cascade

1/8″ silk-screened ceramic frit lines spaced two inches apart horizontally.

Fritted Glass with Vertical Lines

Autex Acoustic Panels Composition

1/8″ silk-screened ceramic frit lines spaced four inches apart vertically.

Fritted Glass with 20% White Dots

Autex Acoustic Composition Peel N Stick Tiles

Silk-screened ceramic frit dots covering 20 percent of the glass surface.

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