Antique Mirror Glass

Antique Mirror Glass has made a comeback from the ’50s and it’s looking better than ever. This elegant style of mirror glass generates interest and adds style to interiors by bringing a vintage ‘vibe’ to modern spaces. Antique mirrors give you the same benefits of a regular, mirrored glass -reflection and light- but with an added touch of sophistication and character.

One can’t help but love the uniqueness of this retro-inspired glass. Our panels are handmade from the highest quality materials combined with expert craftsmanship. Because our Antique Mirrors are handmade, no two panels are completely alike. Much like natural wood & stone materials, there can be discrepancies between panels and this should be considered when specifying projects with our design team.

Antique Mirrors by GlasPro

We are proud to have GlasPro as our preferred supplier for Antique Mirror Glass. Give a sense of depth and elegance to walls, partitions, doors, furniture, displays, ceilings, and elevators with GlasPro’s extensive line of mirrors. Need added impact protection? GlasPro enhanced its unique mirror line by featuring an optional safety film. Available on all eleven antique and seven colored (tinted) mirrors.

GlasPro Antique Mirrors incorporate safety and longevity to all of their manufacturing processes. GlasPro Antique Mirrors not only offer a completely lead-free top coat and < 0,15% lead in the wet basecoat, they are resistant to natural atmospheric corrosion. The resistance to corrosion ensures the integrity of the glass by reducing unsightly black edge and spot faults. A further option is GlasPro’s ‘Antique Mirror Protect’ which incorporates special safety film for added impact protection and complies with ANSI Z97.1 and 16CFR 1201 standards. (If the glass is already laminated, Mirror Protect is not necessary).

The specifications of Antique Mirror Glass are as follows:

  • Thicknesses: 5mm (3/16”) monolithically
  • Maximum Sizes: 84” x 130”
  • Can also be laminated for safety and to meet code requirements for elevator interiors
  • 11 different standard options for Antique Mirror Glass

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Standard Options for Antique Mirror Glass

surface product antique mirror veneto claro
Veneto Claro
surface product antique mirror veneto bronze
Veneto Bronzo
surface product antique mirror veneto rame
Veneto Rame
surface product antique mirror veneto grigio
Veneto Grigio
surface product antique treviso claro
Treviso Claro
surface product antique mirror treviso oro
Treviso Oro
surface product antique mirror roma
surface product antique mirror valenza
surface product antique mirror roma
surface product antique mirror canneto

Max Size: 72″ x 96″

antique mirror specs 1

Standard Options for Colored Mirrors

surface product mirror gold bronze
Gold Bronze
surface product mirror champagne
surface product mirror blue grey
Blue Grey
surface product mirror gold
surface product mirror european grey
European Grey
surface product mirror european bronze
European Bronze
surface product mirror dichroic a
thickness and size chart b 2048x1043 1