Soundproofing Panels are a simple yet functional way to transform interior spaces. At Surface Products, we pride ourselves on supporting our clients to take their design intent to reality. We have an extensive background in helping clients to best utilize aesthetically pleasing acoustical panels in various interior spaces. The unique, environmental requirements of your space will determine what type of acoustic panels you’ll want to choose.

Soundproofing Panels for Large, Open Spaces

There has been a rise in large industrial warehouse conversions, and you’ll see many of these spaces being utilized as offices, restaurants, breweries and shops, just to name a few. We love the idea of making an old space new again, repurposing instead of rebuilding, but it doesn’t come without challenges. Large, open spaces often incorporate concrete flooring and glass partitions to help aid a minimalist feel. As you can imagine, the sound will reflect off such hard surfaces, meaning proper soundproofing panels are needed to balance this out. For these spaces, we like the idea of a sleek, elegant acoustical solution, staying in line with the minimalist feel, like a ceiling baffle system or suspended ceiling tiles.

Acoustic Panels as Room Partitions

Using acoustic panels as a room partition is a great way to reduce noise and add a flair of design to an interior space. In open-plan offices, a small partition is a great way to separate teams or reduce general noise, equipment, etc. Free-standing wall partitions can be clad with a variety of unique, and decorative, acoustical materials that create an eye-catching, decorative addition to your space. If you want to add a soundproofing material to an already existing room partition, one option is to select an acoustic and decorative wall fabric, Autex Composition™, as a simple choice for managing echo and creating a durable interior solution. For partition solutions for an office space, we recommend Cascade hanging screens-Cascade creates separate spaces whilst maintaining an open feel.

Acoustic & Decorative Wall Fabric

If you need an alternative to soundproofing panels, acoustic and decorative wall fabric is a great option to minimally transform your existing space. Sordino™ by Autex, is a fabric developed specifically to manage reverberated noise and create modern durable interior solutions. This fabric is ideal for covering large wall spaces and comes in a variety of color options. If you aren’t sure of how to best incorporate soundproofing solutions or panels into current or future projects, you can contact our team of experts today and we would be happy to guide you through the options!