Smart Glass Window Tint

We’ve chosen ElectraTint as our preferred supplier for switchable privacy glass because they lead the industry in Smart Window Tint & Electrochromic Glass Film with their unique design. The ElectraTint products give you the ability to change your glass from clear to opaque – with the flip of the switch, click of a button or even a voice command. These products are highly functional for conference rooms, hospitals (nurseries, emergency rooms, ICUs, operation rooms), shower enclosures, exterior windows, optical shutters, projection displays, security windows, skylights, counter displays, yachts, trains, vehicle partitions, and more. There is an obvious need for switchable privacy glass, and ElectraTint products are the premium solution due to their high-quality materials and reliable technology.

What is Smart Glass Window Tint?

Commonly referred to as Switchable Privacy Glass or Smart Glass Window Tint, the technical term is PDLC Film. PDLC stands for Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal. In short, PDLC Film is liquid crystal sandwiched between two layers of film, and when electricity is applied it switches from its frosted state to clear, revealing the world behind it. This film gives anyone the opportunity to enjoy views of the outside world, or maintain their own privacy in an instant. Another reason this is so ideal is the tint/film can be applied to glass you already have in your space, and the team at ElectraTint has the experience and skills to take on your project, no matter how large the glass is. This innovative film product offers unique functionality for creative applications, as well as an aesthetically pleasing solution for privacy, partitioning, display advertising and more.

Why Switchable Privacy Glass?

Switchable Privacy Glass (or Smart Window Tint) creates dimmable windows that can be turned on or off at the click of a remote or the tapping of a button. The windows take mere milliseconds to switch between on and off, giving you virtually no lag time between. The visual effect of tinted windows looks great in any environment and can give your office space the trendy edge you’ve been looking for. Switchable privacy glass can also be supplied in a variety of translucent colors.

Electric film can be installed on any type of window, including both interior and exterior windows, so ElectraTint can work with the windows already in place. Smart window tint is a versatile and beautiful addition to any existing window in your home or office.

For more information on Film Specifications, please download this Product Catalogue.

Switchable Privacy Glass Features

  • Privacy
  • Safety & Security
  • Multi-functional
  • Day-Lighting
  • Temperature control
  • UL Recognized
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001

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