Elegant Back Painted Glass Surfaces, Vibrant Decorative Glass and Durable Architectural Glass

Back painted colored glass by GlasPro is an ideal solution for any design condition that demands performance as well as artistry. Perfectly suited for all wall applications, elevator cabs and backsplashes, our back painted glass gives you the opportunity to customize and contour the feeling of any space. This style of colored glass is a modern alternative to other surfacing materials such as tiles and laminates in the world’s decorative glass and architectural glass industries.

Glass Sizing

With a max size of 96×180 we are ready to bring a pop of color to your setting. Take a look at our 49 standard colors that have been inspired by recent color trends or, request your own custom color from an existing sample, paint swatch, or Pantone.

Back Painted Glass by GlasPro

GlasPro back painted glass samples from Surface Products in Vancouver BC

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Standard Colors for Back Painted Glass

Color Categories

Click the swatch to reveal the color name.