Discover GlasPro’s Range of Bird Safe Glass Products Including First Surface Etch, UV Reflective Patterns, Acid Etched Patterns, and Fritted Glass/Railings – Combining Safety with Aesthetic Excellence.

GlasPro Bird Safe Glass Line

GlasPro consists of a range of highly-effective Bird Safe solutions, satisfying the varying construction specifications for bird-friendly architectural glass. Bird Safe family of products includes ultraviolet reflective, acid-etched, and frit pattern glass. All of GlasPro’s Bird Safe solutions meet the industry-standard *2 x 4 rule for preventing bird glass collisions and strict requirements for safety, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

“The wide variety of native birds that thrive in urban areas underscores the importance of these artificial habitats to the survival of many bird populations. Creating green-space in urban environments, landscaping with native plants in backyards and parks, adopting architecture and lighting systems that reduce collisions, and keeping pets indoors will provide the greatest benefit to breeding birds and migrants seeking safe places to rest and find food during their spectacular journeys.”

– 2009 State of The Birds Report by the United States Government US Department of Interior

bird safe uv reflective anime 2 grey

Ultraviolet Reflective Pattern

For architectural projects requiring a highly-transparent bird safe glass, the Ultraviolet Reflective Pattern is an ideal choice. GlasPro’s Bird Safe UV glass has colored patterns, visible to birds, that can help prevent bird-window collisions while being highly transparent to the human eye.

GlasPro Bird Safe UV glass was tunnel tested by the ABC and earned a Threat Factor of 21, exceeding the standard for effective bird collision deterrent materials. Bird Safe UV glass is proven to effectively deter birds, improve energy efficiency, meet safety standards, and maintain the human visual experience with its high transparency.

glaspro bird safe first surface etched vertical lines 2in

First Surface Etch

Featuring innovative etching techniques to create visible patterns that deter bird collisions while maintaining transparency and aesthetics. Ideal for both commercial and residential applications, this environmentally friendly glass ensures wildlife protection without compromising design integrity. First Surface Etch is a pivotal addition to GlasPro’s expansive Bird Safe line.

surface products bird safe AviProtek Walker organic

Acid-Etched Pattern

If your building project would benefit from eye-catching patterns on its exterior, Acid-Etched Pattern will give your building the distinctive look you desire. Walker AviProtek® glass is designed with acid-etched line or dot patterns located on the outside, (1st) surface which are visible to birds and help avoid collisions.

surface products bird safe frit vertical

Frit Pattern: Glass/Railings

Require a Bird Safe glass that’s also energy efficient? GlasPro Bird Safe with fritted line or dot patterns silk-screened on the (1st) surface is an effective collision deterrent and helps to reduce the transmission of light and heat. Frit pattern has the added benefit of providing an attractive design detail on windows.

There is more than one way to create a bird-friendly building

The human visual experience specified for the building is a big factor in selecting a bird-friendly glass solution. The transparency of Bird Safe glass decreases with the increase in line or dot patterns visible to people – an important item to note. To help you better understand the product line of Bird Safe glass, we’ve created a chart to clearly explain the key features.

bird safe product family compare table
graph visiblility vs cost bird safe 3

Our Bird Safe Glass Video

Learn more about GlasPro Bird Safe glass by watching our 4-minute video.

* The 2×4 rule describes the distance between elements making up a pattern applied to windows for the purpose of preventing bird strikes. To be effective, the pattern must uniformly cover the entire window and consist of elements of any shape (lines, dots, other geometric figures, etc.) separated by no more than 5 cm (2 inches) if oriented in horizontal rows, or by 10 cm (4 inches) if oriented in vertical columns. These patterns eliminate bird-window collisions when applied to the outer surface (Surface #1) of reflective panes, or when applied to any surface of multi-pane see-through windows. Greater spacing between pattern elements increases the risk of a strike and casualties.

Bird Safe Glass Projects Video

See GlasPro’s Bird Safe glass in action by watching this short video.

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