GlasPro’s Ruvido Anti-Slip glass is a pivotal innovation in architectural design, skilfully blending safety, functionality, and aesthetics. This glass solution is tailored for modern architectural needs, providing slip-resistant flooring that meets high safety standards without compromising the visual appeal. Its meticulously crafted surface ensures safe navigation while maintaining transparency and light transmission, keeping spaces bright and inviting.

Ruvido Anti-Slip glass showcases GlasPro’s dedication to aesthetic versatility, offering a variety of patterns to suit any design scheme. Whether you’re aiming for subtle elegance or a bold statement, this glass adapts to any setting, enhancing the space with its unique appeal.



This new product exemplifies the harmonious blend of innovation and design, meeting the demand for reliable, aesthetically pleasing flooring options. It’s a testament to the industry’s progress, promising to inspire new design approaches where beauty and practicality coexist seamlessly. For insights into the role of patterned glass in architecture and how Ruvido Anti-Slip contributes to the future of design, check out our blog on Unlocking the Beauty and Functionality of Patterned Glass“.

GlasPro stands at the forefront of the glass industry, cementing its position as a leader and a trusted supplier for Surface Products. Their dedication to innovation and quality is evident in the development of products like the Ruvido Anti-Slip glass, which embodies their commitment to providing safer, visually compelling architectural glass solutions.

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