In the realm of modern workspace design, achieving harmony between acoustics and aesthetics poses a formidable challenge. Designers and architects strive to create environments that not only spark productivity and collaboration but also comfort and visual appeal.

This pursuit of such balance receives a significant boost with the Moxie AIR-board Acoustic panels, supplied by Surface Products, a vanguard in distributing unique building materials across a spectrum of applications, including commercial, residential, retail, hospitality, institutional, and office settings.


Refined Uniqueness of Moxie AIR-board Acoustic Panels

At Surface Products, we’re proud to offer Moxie AIR-board Acoustic panels – a premier solution for spaces demanding both acoustic management and aesthetic value. These composite panels stand out with their rigid honeycomb core sandwiched between micro-perforated PET-facing sheets, providing stellar sound absorption alongside a visually striking translucency.

The innovation behind Moxie AIR-board Acoustic panels lies in their unparalleled combination of translucency and sound absorption capabilities. This fusion not only ensures a serene auditory environment but also floods spaces with natural light, promoting a sense of openness and brightness. As a result, they represent the pinnacle of modern design, where form meets function in harmony.


Surface Products Moxie AIR board Honeycomb Office Door


Versatile Applications and Advantages

Moxie AIR-board Acoustic panels are not just for office spaces; their versatility makes them ideal for meeting rooms, retail environments, and more, where their benefits can be fully realized:

  • Superior Acoustic Performance: The panels excel in dampening noise, fostering an atmosphere where focus and productivity thrive.
  • Visual Appeal: Their unique translucent appearance adds a layer of sophistication to any space, aligning perfectly with contemporary design trends.
  • Natural Light Enhancement: By diffusing light, the panels illuminate interiors in a soft glow, enhancing the ambiance without compromising privacy or aesthetics.
  • Customization Potential: Surface Products caters to the specific needs of designers and architects, offering customizable options for panel sizes, quantities, and colors, ensuring a tailor-made fit for every project.

To further explore the impact of acoustics on workplace productivity, read “Sounding Out the Importance of Office Acoustics” on ArchDaily, which complements the benefits offered by Moxie AIR-board Acoustic panels.


Surface Products Moxie AIR board Hand on Surface


Sample Boxes for Exploration

Surface Products invites all qualified designers and architects to experience Moxie AIR-board Acoustic panels firsthand through complimentary sample boxes. This initiative allows industry professionals to explore the panels’ aesthetic and functional attributes, empowering them to envision and implement these solutions in their projects.


Surface Products Moxie AIR board Design Samples


Elevate your design experience by ordering your complimentary sample box or get in touch with the team at Surface Products today for personalized support and expert design advice.