The intersection of beauty and functionality in architectural design has always been a fertile ground for innovation, and one of the standout elements in this creative convergence is the use of patterned glass. Surface Products, a leading distributor of unique building materials, offers an extensive range of patterned and textured glass options, perfect for adding a unique touch to commercial, residential, institutional and office environments.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Patterned Glass

Patterned glass, with its diverse range of textures and designs, offers more than just aesthetic appeal; it serves as a functional material that can enhance privacy while still allowing light to permeate spaces, creating an ambiance that is both inviting and private. The options available through Surface Products include a variety of patterns and textures that can be incorporated into partitions, walls, privacy screens, and office dividers, etc. providing solutions that are both visually stunning and practical.

One notable innovation is the purity of starphire, Low Iron textured glass, ideal for spaces where privacy is needed without sacrificing light. This option demonstrates how patterned glass can be used to make subtle or bold design statements, depending on the needs of the project.

Surface Pro low iron collection

Enhancing Safety and Design with Anti-Slip Patterned Glass

In addition to aesthetic versatility, Surface Products take functionality a step further by offering anti-slip patterned glass for floors. This innovative solution combines safety with style, making it perfect for high-traffic areas or spaces requiring additional grip and ADA compliance. 

The latest addition to this collection is Ruvido Anti-Slip, a product designed to offer unparalleled safety without compromising on the visual appeal of the glass surface. Ideal for both commercial and residential projects, anti-slip patterned glass ensures durability, safety, and a sleek design aesthetic. For a deeper dive into the benefits and applications of Ruvido Anti-Slip, keep an eye out for our upcoming internal blog. Link to the blog.

Bird Safe Glass: Combining Functionality with Environmental Consciousness

In an effort to address environmental concerns, Surface Products also offers Bird Safe glass options, including acid-etched and fritted glass patterns. These products are designed to prevent bird collisions without compromising the aesthetic or light transmission properties of the glass. This initiative represents a step forward in sustainable design, merging ecological responsibility with the latest in glass technology.

glaspro bird safe first surface etched vertical lines 2in glaspro bird safe first 20 percent coverage glaspro bird safe first surface etched horizontal lines

Customization and Flexibility

Surface Products emphasizes the importance of customization and flexibility in their offerings. Clients have the  freedom to custom design their own unique glass patterns. This ensures that each project can achieve its unique vision. This artistic freedom allows designers and architects to explore creative boundaries and apply glass patterns in innovative ways.

Dive into the world of endless design possibilities with Surface Products’ patterned glass. As a building professional, you understand the importance of blending aesthetic appeal with functionality. Let us help you make your next project standout. Elevate your designs and impress your clients. Start exploring now and see how the team at Surface Products can bring your vision to life together.