Surface products, Inc is a leading distributor of unique building materials for the Architecture + Design Industry. Our products are utilized in a variety of commercial, residential, retail, hospitality, institutional or office environments and are ideal for both interior and exterior applications.


Surface Products Inc. specializes in decorative + functional materials including; colored glass, PETG resins, decorative acrylics, polycarbonate composite panels, metal-clad high pressure laminates, re-purposed FRP panels and 3D thermoplastic sheets.


Surface Products fulfills the needs of architects, glaziers, designers and artists who require a company with the experience, expertise and understanding of their design challenges. Our cool materials are matched only by your creative passion in design!

Please take a look at our range of unique building materials and get in touch if you have any questions.

GlasPro Custom Glass Builder

The GlasPro Custom Glass Builder tool provides instant options for colored glass, frit patterns and sample ordering.
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Surface Products Inc.

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