metal wall laser cut


Metal wall panels are becoming increasingly popular for both architects and designers alike—and for a host of amazing reasons. Whether it is for commercial or residential construction, metal wall panels are taking centre stage in interior design, adding a modern statement to any project. If you are looking for high impact results without using high-cost materials, read on to learn what metal wall panels can do for your next architectural design venture.

Countless design options

Today’s metal wall panels come in a variety of design options. Take your pick from numerous patterns, including natural wood grain, limestone, granite, marble, stone, and even three-dimensional textures. They also come in a wide array of colours to meet your commercial or residential design project needs. With so many options available, the
interior design possibilities are endless.


When it comes to great looks, very few materials can compare with metal. Turn uninspired into stunning with metal walls for interior design. Available in both shiny and matte finishes, decorative panels can be configured into a plethora of shapes, adding aesthetic appeal to any area.

Metal Walls Are Low maintenance

Wallpaper and paint require continual upkeep, attracting scratches, marks, and dings—not so with metal wall panels. They are easy to clean and keep their beauty with minimal maintenance. With metal panels, feel confident knowing frequent touch-ups or wall repairs are things of the past. Because they keep their sheen for decades, you won’t need to paint or coat the panels.


Metal walls are remarkably sturdy. Unlike other materials, metal panels resist regular wear and tear, helping to protect your walls for years to come. Plus, metal is fireproof and can’t be damaged by water. If you are after better durability, metal walls for interior design can’t be beaten.

Metal Walls Can Be Easy to install

Looking for a way to cut corners on installation? Metal wall panels are easy to install, saving time and added expenses. Panels can be installed in a fraction of the time compared to other building materials like brick, granite, or precast. Lightweight and a breeze to work with, metal wall panels make short work of the installation process.


Metal wall panels provide unmatched consistency. After the manufacturing process, the panels maintain their shape and stay flat indefinitely. They also retain the finish throughout the installation process, making them the perfect options for contractors looking for a reliable product.

No matter what architectural design project you have on the go, metal wall panels offer superior, innovative wall décor possibilities that simply cannot be found in other materials.  For quality metal walls for interior design, contact Surface Products today.