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Application Possibilities for resin panels

Looking for a way to up the functionality and beauty factor of your space? Unleash your creativity with Surface Products. Our resin panels are manufactured to meet the specific needs of today’s architects and designers. When your project calls for high performance and all the imaginative possibilities you can dream up, read on to learn what resins panels Ontario products can do for you.

Flawlessly suited for home décor, restaurants, hotels, airports, and office spaces, architectural panels offer up an array of colour with head-turning personality you simply can’t get from other panel options. Resin panels are the perfect solutions for a host of innovative applications. Create eye-catching walls, ceilings, flooring, bench tops, countertops, signage—you name it, we have you covered. Whether it is for interior or exterior use, the possibilities are endless with our resin panel Ontario products.

Options Galore in Resin Panels Designs

Available in a variety of colours, styles, and shapes, our resin panels in Ontario will help transform your vision into a reality. Whether it is for interior or exterior use, choose from a huge assortment of shades and finishes that will compliment any project. If you are after charm, character, and stunning brilliance, experience for yourself why so many designers use resin panels for unmatched design opportunities. Learn more about resin composition.

Translucent resin panels create fantastic features

translucent resin panels ontario stone surface products featuredOur translucent resin panels are exceedingly durable. They are not only flame proof, but also corrosion and impact resistant. Half the weight of glass, this perfect panel option is lightweight and easy to clean, making it a premium choice for many industries across the globe.

Plus, resin panels can be made into any shape. Whether it is for straight, angled, or radius-curved surfaces, these panels will meet the needs of your specific design venture.

What’s more, resin panels can be fitted with grooves, flutes, or other decorative features, rendering them even more practical. Learn more about translucent resin panels and clear pep.

Architectural resin panel Ontario applications

If you need acoustic stability, look no further than our resin panels in Ontario. Great for office environments and commercial spaces, our panels are exactly what you need to create solid sound barriers and dividing spaces.

Whether it is for commercial, residential, retail, hospitality, institutional, or office environments, resin panel solutions are perfect for both interior and exterior applications. These stunning panels are attractive and functional.

For visual aesthetics and a depth of colour that is beyond compare, turn ordinary into extraordinary with our resin panels. Reach out to Surface Products for fabulous resin panels that ignite the imagination and create inspirational designs in Ontario.


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