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Are you after an attractive, high-performance panel solution? When you are selecting a building material for your next project, there are several factors you will need to consider before moving ahead. You will want to use sturdy, great looking material that will not only stand the test the time, but also prevent you from going over budget.

At Surface Products, we offer a viable, affordable, and unique option that provides some huge benefits—and incredible results too! Fibreglass reinforced panels (FRP) are thin, durable, versatile, mold resistant, and stain-resistant. This is perfect for covering walls and ceilings. Outperforming metal and wood, FRP is everything you could want in building material and more. Read on to learn all there is to know about FRP panels.

What are the performance benefits of FRP panels?

FRP systems provide a host of great advantages to any project. This tough, aesthetically pleasing material is the top choice for both builders and designers everywhere. Here are just some of the benefits of FRP panels.

  • FRP panels are long-lasting with little to no risk of damage.
  • These panels are affordable and easy to install.
  • This material can be easily cleaned with regular detergents,
    high-pressure washers, and steam.
  • FRP panels can be installed over any wall surface.
  • Tough and resilient, these panels will not chip, corrode, rot, or
  • Once installed, FRP panels require very little maintenance.
  • This material can be formed into a wide variety of shapes.
  • FRP panels can be installed over existing surfaces.
  • This fibreglass is an affordable option to many building materials.
  • FRP panels are flexible and can be installed with glue or

FPR panel applications

FRP panels are used for a variety of applications. Some of the many usages of this versatile material include bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, offices, classrooms, healthcare facilities, restaurants, food processing areas, and commercial spaces. This adaptable building material can also be used for reinforcing roofs and siding, as well as added protection from the elements.

When it comes to choosing the best material for your building project, FRP panels just can’t be beat. Why settle for inferior, expensive products when you don’t have to? Whether it is for commercial, residential, retail, or hospitality use, FRP panels are the must-have choice for all your project needs, for both interior and exterior applications.

Surface Products is the leading distributor of exceptional and sought- after building materials for the architecture and design industry. We offer a huge selection of FRP solutions, complete with a variety of surface options, textures, patterns, and finishes. Make your design applications fantastic and functional with our FRP panels.

What FRP panels do you have available?

LuxCore FRP Panels

LuxCore FRP Panels are the newest part of the Fusion line and it offers many unique features. The translucent panels pass sanitary codes and are easy to clean. Therefore it is suitable for wet environments such as commercial kitchens and baths. LuxCore resists scratching and is highly durable, making it perfect Wall protection in high traffic areas. The panels can be used as wainscot or to cover an accent wall. When left as a translucent panel it makes beautiful room dividers and modesty panels and can be back-lit. If a backing is added the colors become even more vibrant and LuxCore makes an excellent wainscoting or wall covering.

LuxCore are translucent panels that pass sanitary codes and are easy to clean. Therefore, it is suitable for wet environments such as commercial kitchens and baths. LuxCore resists scratching and is highly durable, making it perfect Wall protection in high traffic areas.

Fusion Process

The Fusion Process allows you to create any custom design by submitting your own art work or choosing from our stock line. Design options for these translucent laminates are only limited by your imagination.


Learn more about our wide range of products like: back painted glass, acoustic wall panels, magnetic whiteboards, bent glass, translucent resin panels, architectural resin, laser cut metal, curved glass and so much more to customize your exterior or internal building space.

When your project demands the very best in FRP system solutions, reach out to Surface Products!