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Is unwanted noise interfering with your quality of life?  Whether it’s in your home, business, or school, a  loud environment can create an unpleasant atmosphere for everyone. The good news is that there is something that you can incorporate into your space to reduce noise levels. Acoustic interior panels effectively target and absorb sound, improving acoustics in any space. Read on to learn about Autex Acoustic materials and how they can deliver a perfect sound setting in your space.

#1. Lower ambient noise with acoustical wall panels

Be it theatres, restaurants, or lobbies, reverberated noise can be deafening. Control sound volume and create a quieter facility with Autex Acoustics. You will not only cut down on the clattering, but also boost the sound quality in an area and enhance interpersonal conversations-In addition, everyone understands participating in conversations can be tough in noisy places like, shopping malls, gyms, and cafés. Installing Autex interior acoustic panels will help absorb excessive sound waves, creating a quieter environment allowing you to engage in better communication.

#2. Superior sound quality with acoustical materials

Autex Interior Acoustics can lift your listening experience to a new level. Acoustic panels placed on the walls and ceilings improve the overall acoustics in any room, offering crisper and clearer sounds.

#3. Easy to install

acoustic ceiling panels autex horizonLooking for a simple solution to better acoustics? Made from light weight material, Autex acoustic panels are quick and easy to install. This versatile sound-absorbing material can be easily mounted, making the installation process a snap in any location.

#4. Improved privacy

If you value your privacy, Autex acoustic panels can help. Sounds—including your voice—can carry in poorly insulated rooms. With the benefits of these acoustical materials, feel free to talk, listen to music, or watch your favourite shows without having neighbours or other people eavesdrop.

#5. Increased productivity with floating acoustic panels

Disruptive sounds can distract employees, impacting their productivity. Don’t let noise, echo, and reverb ruin your day and your output. Leading the way in acoustic innovation, Autex designs cutting edge acoustic panels that will reduce noise helping you to stay focused and on task, whether you are working in the office or at home.

#6. Better health

Excessive exposure to loud noises can create a host of health-related problems. Subjecting your hearing to continuous sounds above normal levels can lead to hearing loss, stress, sleep deprivation, and cognitive impairment. For better overall wellbeing, soundproofing your area with acoustic panels will help protect your hearing and your health.

#7. Safe to use

When it comes to soundproofing your interior design project, you want to make sure you are working with the safest materials on the market. Made from 100% polyester fibers, Autex Interior Acoustics contain no chemical binders. It is also certified as a low volatile organic compound, or VOC. These panels are not only non-toxic, but also non-allergenic and free of irritants.

# 8 We’re proud of our diverse range of polyester products that use P.E.T. plastics.

These include our interior acoustics products, the GreenStuf ®  insulation range –. While we’re doing our part reusing materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill, we want to do more as an organization – and we will. We actively looking at alternatives to P.E.T. plastic and what might be next.  Sound quality is a major part of the design process. So, whether you are creating a new space or thinking about upgrading your current venue, make sure to factor in superior sound control with Autex Interior Acoustics.

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