When it comes to a trade show exhibition space, there are some significant challenges that vendors must overcome to make the most of their display. Surprisingly, the most significant challenge isn’t the size, visual design, or placement of the display – it’s the soundscape. Without the right sound environment, your target audience won’t enjoy the ideal experience. Trade Shows are the chance to make a lasting impression on future clients, so this is a key area to address!

Fortunately, there are strategies that trade show exhibitors and exhibition hall managers can use to reduce noise and make their space more functional and comfortable for everyone. Acoustic panels and screens can create sound zones that significantly reduce ambient sound, improve speech intelligibility in contained spaces, and make the overall space more of an enjoyable experience.

The Cost of Noise in Exhibition Halls

It’s no wonder that noise pollution is a major issue in trade show exhibition spaces. The design and purpose of these spaces make them naturally loud. Spaces with hard, flat surfaces and high ceilings are especially prone to sound reverberation and echo, as sound waves bounce off the walls and accumulate in distant surfaces before being reflected back. Additionally, the use of the space contributes to the noise level, as there are often hundreds or thousands of people talking, moving furniture, operating machines, and more. To ensure the space is functional and successful, and that exhibitions are profitable, commercial architects, exhibition hall managers, and exhibitors need to address this issue.

Sound Absorption for Ideal Soundscapes at Trade Shows

Creating a soundscape that is both pleasant and functional in a trade show environment is achievable with the right materials and knowledge. Acoustic panels and tiles, hangable acoustic screens, and acoustic ceiling panels can be used to absorb sound and create zones of quiet around and within exhibits. This will enable attendees to give the exhibit the attention it deserves, as well as allow for easier and less disruptive conversations.

Furthermore, to ensure that multiple activities can take place simultaneously without disruption, it is important to create distinct sound zones throughout the space. Acoustic tiles, curved wall panels, and dropped ceiling panels can be used to absorb sound waves and reduce ambient noise. This allows for a focused sound zone, making it ideal for use in areas such as stages, podiums, and presentation areas where the audience needs to be able to hear and focus on what is being said without interference from other activities.

The Advantage of Surface Products for Trade Shows

Surface Products proudly supplies Autex Interior Acoustic Panels, as they lead the way in innovation for sound absorption materials. With many different product lines to choose from, there are virtually unlimited ways to create the perfect soundscape for your trade show. These are just a few of the benefits of working with these innovative products:

  • All of Autex Interior Acoustics are made from 100% Polyester Fibers with no chemical binders and certified low VOC. They are safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic and contain no irritants.
  • 100% Polyester PET/ 100% Recyclable with 60% Average Post Consumer Recycled Content
  • Autex Interior Acoustics are lightweight, easy to install and are suitable for new builds and retrofit soundproofing.
  • Highly durable providing long-term stability; all Autex Interior Acoustics are fire rated under ASTM E-84.

If you want to amplify the experience of your trade show by cultivating the ideal soundscape, contact our experienced team to learn more!