A NuMetal Collection Inspired by Nature and Mythology

Forces of nature have captivated mankind since the dawn of time; earth, wind, water, and fire. Witnessing nature’s raw power has inspired myth, curiosity, and exploration throughout history. Our relationship with the Elements is innate. This instinctual relationship with nature inspired ATI’s latest collection of 14 new NuMetal combinations – the Divine Elements Collection.

The Divine Elements Collection combines qualities from water and rare earth elements to celebrate the unique relationship between nature’s raw power and human curiosity to bring inspiration to each day. Our new HPL finishes range from Rose Gold and Gun Metal to the iridescent Polished Smoke and classic Brushed Aluminum. The patterns draw inspiration from the natural world, including: Diamond, Waterfall, Aqua, Neptune, and Titan. Together, these pattern and finish combinations are destined to create a legendary design like no other.

Why Choose the NuMetal Product Line?

NuMetal™ is a collection of HPLs (High Pressure Laminates) with a real metal surface and phenolic paper backing. NuMetal sheets are usually 4’ x 8’ (4’ x 10’ available on special order). ATI distributes NuMetal to hospitality, healthcare and institutional, retail, and commercial design markets. As experts in surfaces that remain abrasion resistant, in addition to performance, NuMetal products meet safety and material standards.

  • Abrasion Resistant Properties
  • Real Metal Surfaces (Aluminum, Copper, Real Stainless Steel, and Unique Art)
  • Features Etching, Embossing, and Hand Painting Techniques
  • High Quality Designs
  • Suitable for a Variety of Vertical and Light-Duty Applications
  • Low Minimum Order Quantities

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