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MirroFlex Lite is ATI’s newest value-conscious ceiling solution. With this product line, we’ve successfully combined many MirroFlex Lay-In Ceiling Tile patterns with 18 of our most popular finishes into one sleek .013″ thick package.

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The Advantage of MirroFlex Lite Ceiling Tiles

light weight ceiling tiles WAVATION GLOSS WHITE CEILING MIRROFLEX 1200X800 minThese laminate ceiling tiles are available in a variety of patterns and finishes:

  • Thinner and more lightweight than standard MirroFlex Ceilings
  • Easier to cut and fabricate
  • Our most cost-effective ceiling solution
  • Same flexibility, durability, and versatility as standard MirroFlex Ceilings

Surface Products is brought lightweight ceiling tiles solutions to Canada and is a MirroFlex™ distributor in the USA.  Lite is ATI’s newest value-conscious ceiling design solution. The original MirroFlex Structures laminates ceiling tiles product line has long been a reliable source for durable, beautiful, and affordable options for designers and architects.

With MirroFlex Lite ceiling tile, they successfully combined 18 patterns with many MirroFlex Lay-In Ceiling Tile products.  The most popular finishes are one sleek .013″ thick package. View through the products link the options for  ultra-lightweight, ultra-thin, easy-to-install, ceiling tiles.  These are more cost-effective than our traditional MirroFlex line.

Attractive commercial lightweight ceiling tiles for your location

MirroFlex Lite ceiling tiles are stylish and perfect for every kind of commercial space. This includes hospitality, retail, and healthcare. Get the same style you’ve come to expect from ATI with more value and flexibility than ever before.

Select Finishes Available as a Drop-Out Ceiling Solution

lightweight ceiling tiles mirrorflex minA safety solution; designed to fall out when exposed to heat from a developing fire

Provide a sleek, seamless look for commercial ceilings by hiding fire sprinklers

Protect fire sprinklers from accidental knocks and tampering

Make sprinkler system design and position easier and more cost-effective, as they eliminate the need to lower the sprinklers

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view product decorative laminates lightweight ceiling tiles min

decorative laminates light weight ceiling tile min