Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is the standard for sustainable building projects globally. Through strategic partnerships with manufacturers like GlasPro and Autex Acoustics, Surface Products delivers a range of environmentally friendly materials, from glass and laminates to acoustics. These products are crafted with sustainability at their core, empowering Surface Products to be a valuable partner in green building and design.


The Importance of LEED Certification

LEED-certified buildings are designed to be resource-efficient, using less water and energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As more organizations aim for sustainability, LEED certification can set your project apart, providing a competitive edge in the market​.


Glass building surrounded by green trees for sustainability


How Surface Products Contribute to LEED Certification

Strategic Partnerships and Local Sourcing

Surface Products is committed to reducing the environmental impact associated with transportation and supporting local economies. By partnering with manufacturers like GlasPro & Autex Acoustics, who prioritize local sourcing and utilizing recycled content, we ensure that the majority of our products come from North American vendors. This commitment supports local industries. Additionally, it minimizes the carbon footprint of our supply chain, aiding projects in achieving LEED certification.


Protection of Natural Habitats

Our commitment to the environment extends to biodiversity protection. The bird-safe glass options we offer are part of our innovative product line designed to prevent bird collisions, a significant yet often overlooked environmental hazard in urban areas. These products align with LEED’s aim to protect and restore biodiversity and can contribute essential points in the certification process.


bird safe glass by GlasPro


Recycled and Reused Materials

Understanding the critical role of sustainable material usage in LEED certification, Surface Products offers a variety of products that include recycled content. Through our collaborations with manufacturers who implement rigorous recycling programs – like GlasPro, which recycles 90% of its glass – we provide options that help reduce waste and conserve natural resources. These practices align perfectly with LEED’s waste reduction and materials reuse criteria, making our products ideal for eco-conscious projects.


Sustainably Harvested Wood

In addition to our glass and laminate offerings, Surface Products supplies wood products from Autex Acoustics certified by sustainable forestry initiatives. This ensures that the wood used in your projects comes from forests managed responsibly. These forests adhere to the highest environmental, social, and economic standards. Such certifications contribute directly to LEED points under the ‘Materials and Resources’ category, supporting sustainable construction from the ground up.


Tranquil Office


Green Building Technologies

Through our partnerships, we also ensure access to advanced green building technologies. Whether it’s high-efficiency glass materials or sustainable acoustic solutions – such as Groove, a carbon-neutral product from Autex – our offerings include products that enhance energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of buildings. Moreover, these technologies not only meet but often exceed the stringent requirements set by LEED. Consequently, this ensures that your projects achieve optimal sustainability outcomes.


LEED certification is more than an environmental badge – it’s a testament to operational excellence and a commitment to future generations. By choosing Surface Products, you leverage a network of sustainability-driven manufacturers like GlasPro and Autex Acoustics, enhancing the environmental and marketable value of your projects. Join us in our mission to build a greener future through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions.


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Ready to enhance your project’s sustainability and achieve LEED certification? Discover how Surface Products can make a difference. Explore our products and take the next step towards a greener future today.