GlasPro, in collaboration with ClearShade, Inc., manufactured insulated glass units with ClearShade Honeycomb Core for the Huntington Park High School Gymnasium in California.  One of the project’s goals was to create efficient and cost-saving green buildings and achieve LEED Gold certification. Buildings can earn LEED points in many ways, such as providing natural light and thermal comfort. The GlasPro solution helps to achieve these goals.

GlasPro Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) with ClearShade Honeycomb Core provide beautiful natural light, reduce or eliminate glare, and have industry-leading Solar Heat Gain reduction. The ClearShade core is fully encapsulated within the airspace of a GlasPro high-performance Insulating Glass Unit (IGU) and is compatible with pyrolytic Low-E. Learn more about our range of Glass products from GlasPro.

Location: Huntington Park, California

Photo Credit: Austine Duggan