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Are you searching for a product that will take your architectural project to the next level? Innovative and luxurious, vibrant glass sets the outstanding apart from the ordinary, giving your design an elevated level of energy and aesthetic appeal. Let’s look at the major benefits of back painted glass Vancouver!

What is back painted glass?

Back painted glass is precisely what it sounds like—glass that has been decorated, coated, or painted on the back surface. This stunning design application is the contemporary choice for other surfacing materials like tiles and laminates.

Wide range of colour possibilities for vibrant decorative glass

One of the biggest benefits of back painted glass is the limitless colour choices available. With a host of glossy and satin-finish shades, this unique glass offers builders and designers a myriad of magnificent, modern design possibilities for any space. Elegant and subtle, the durable glass colour options have the unique ability to accent the hues of a room in a way very few other glass features can.

Easy to maintain

Have better things to do with your time than cleaning surface material? More than just good looks, back painted glass is a breeze to maintain. Unlike a tiled backsplash or shower wall, you won’t have the hassles and headaches of scrubbing out grout lines—tough-to-clean places where grime and grease love to hide.

Versatility & Elegance with back painted glass surfaces

When it comes to a design project, who doesn’t value versatility? With back painted glass Vancouver options, the application possibilities are boundless. Whether it be for architectural features of a building or backsplashes in the kitchen, it is an attractive choice for both interior and exterior uses. Available in a host of sizing and thickness options, custom back painted glass is the perfect fit for any residential or commercial project.

Achieve excellence with long-lasting back painted glass Vancouver

Your customers and clients all want the same thing—dazzling, lasting results. Give that to them in spades with back painted glass. Because of its state-of-the-art manufacturing process for back painted glass, this tough material maintains its original appearance for many years to come. For high quality and consistency year after year, nothing compares to back painted glass.

Custom Great looks with durable architectural glass

Durability, consistency, and design application features are a must for any architectural venture. But let’s be honest here, at the end of the day, appearance is just as important. Quality and looks—if you want the best of both worlds, look no further than back painted glass Vancouver solutions.

Choosing the right surfacing material for your project can be a challenge. With the many options at your fingertips, you need to select the right one that will make your design pop and leave a lasting impression. Bottom line? Back painted glass is THE one you have been searching for.

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