In the realm of architecture and interior design, achieving tranquility within a space is a paramount objective. The impact of acoustics on the ambiance of a room and the well-being of its occupants cannot be overstated. Autex Acoustics, a leader in sound management solutions, understands this need and is at the forefront of designing tranquil spaces and revolutionizing acoustic designs.


The Impact of Acoustics on Well-being

Sound deeply influences our well-being and productivity. Disruptive noise from traffic, conversations, or machinery can impede focus and induce stress, affecting our mental clarity and overall performance. Addressing this impact is vital. Implementing effective acoustic solutions is crucial to create tranquil spaces that optimize sound, minimize disturbances, and enhance mental well-being, ultimately boosting productivity and our quality of life.


Autex Acoustics: Revolutionizing Acoustic Solutions

At the heart of serene spaces lies Autex Acoustics, a pioneer in innovative sound management solutions. Autex combines cutting-edge technology with a passion for optimal sound design to provide a range of acoustic solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of various environments.


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Innovative Autex Acoustic Solutions for Tranquil Environments

Autex Acoustics Quietspace® Panel

Quiet Space Panels

The Quietspace® Panel by Autex Acoustics is a revolutionary product designed to combat noise pollution effectively. Its advanced design features allow for exceptional sound absorption, transforming any space into a tranquil oasis. The Quietspace® Panel is versatile and can be effortlessly integrated into a variety of building and design projects.

Real-life Scenario: Open Office Spaces

In a bustling open office environment where collaboration and productivity are key, managing noise levels is essential. Quietspace® Panels can be strategically placed on walls to minimize sound reverberation, enhancing focus and concentration among employees. The panels’ seamless integration maintains a modern and sleek aesthetic while delivering a peaceful working atmosphere.

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Autex Acoustics Quietspace® 3D Tiles

3D Tiles

The Quietspace® 3D Tiles by Autex Acoustics are a blend of functionality and artistic expression. These tiles not only contribute to noise reduction but also offer an opportunity to enhance the overall aesthetic of a space. Their innovative design versatility allows architects and designers to showcase creativity while ensuring peaceful surroundings.

Real-life Scenario: Restaurants and Cafes

In bustling restaurants and cafes where conversations and clattering dishes create noise, Quietspace® 3D Tiles can be applied on ceilings or walls. The unique three-dimensional patterns not only absorb sound effectively but also add an artistic flair to the space. By managing noise levels, customers can enjoy an enjoyable and relaxing dining experience, fostering repeat visits and positive reviews.

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Autex Acoustics Horizon™


Horizon™ by Autex Acoustics is a seamless blend of design and acoustic functionality, making it an ideal choice for tranquil environments. Its innovative features cater to the demands of architects and designers who must prioritize both style and sound management in their projects.

Real-life Scenario: Conference Rooms

In conference rooms, where clear communication is crucial, Horizon™ can be easily applied to walls. Its elegant design not only absorbs sound but also provides a sophisticated backdrop for presentations and discussions. A peaceful conference room ensures effective communication and leaves a lasting impression on clients and stakeholders.

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Case Study: Harmonizing Spaces at Kotahi with Autex Acoustics

Kotahi, New Zealand’s third largest logistics company, faced a common challenge—balancing growth with maintaining a tranquil workplace. With an increasing workforce, the potential for escalating noise levels and reduced focus was a concern. They needed a solution that would align with their growth vision while upholding a peaceful and efficient working atmosphere.

To address the challenge, Autex Acoustics deployed a comprehensive acoustic strategy at Kotahi. First, at the bustling entrance area with various hard surfaces, Quietspace® Panels overlaid with custom-designed Etch fabric were utilized. This clever integration reduced noise reflection, allowing for a comfortable and inviting interaction space at the business front, regardless of the increased foot traffic.

Kotahi Autex Acoustics Shipping Container Wall


In the open-plan spaces, Quietspace® 3D Ceiling Tiles were carefully installed to define breakout areas and absorb high speech frequencies and background noise, including from HVAC systems. The targeted application of these ceiling tiles created distinct acoustic zones, promoting efficiency and proactive collaboration among the staff. Additionally, meeting rooms were fitted with Cube™ panels, providing essential acoustic absorption while adding a distinctive look to each location.

The successful implementation of Autex Acoustics’ solutions at Kotahi resulted in a workspace that harmonized both growth and tranquility. The careful integration of acoustic elements significantly reduced noise disruptions, enabling the workforce to focus and collaborate effectively. The project’s success was marked not only by the transformed and efficient workspace but also by the client’s satisfaction and embrace of their new way of working.


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In the pursuit of designing tranquil environments, Autex Acoustics stands as a reliable partner, backed by a legacy of innovation and excellence. Their range of acoustic solutions seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetics, enhancing spaces and improving the lives of those within them.

For Canadian businesses venturing into transformative design projects, the knowledgeable team at Surface Products is poised to guide and assist. With an in-depth understanding of Autex Acoustics’ offerings, Surface Products can navigate you through a curated selection of acoustic solutions that align with your vision. Reach out today to book a consultation or order a sample.