Anyone clicking onto our website these days is experiencing quite a surprise. We are happy to announce the Phase 1 launch of a new, overhauled website. We are currently working on further enhancements to the site and will reveal that within the next couple of months.

Most noticeable are the streamlined graphics evident on the home page and coordinating sub-pages. Large, clear and inspiring images showcasing our products is prominently displayed, and additional white space helps the eye focus on pertinent content. Navigation has also been upgraded for a more user-friendly style. For example, the our offerings are clearly divided into two search methods: by product line or by solution.

We’ve expanded our MirroFlex line with new patterns and finishes that cross many applications.
This Fall, eight new finishes joined the lineup including new wood grains, linens, solids and a metal. Sophisticated Linen Beige and Linen Chocolate are accented with a subtle strie pattern. A rich, plum Merlot and a cool, calming Lavender make up the new solids. Three new wood grains make their debut as well: reddish-brown African Cherry and American Walnut, plus a cool, gray Oregon Ash. And a metallic Brushed Stainless rounds out the new finishes.
Several new patterns have also been introduced. For ceiling tiles we’ve added an industrial look with Corrugated, a pattern designed to mimic the look of corrugated metal. And since MirroFlex offers the advantage of being lightweight with the ability to be cut on-site with scissors. The Corrugated pattern is available as a 2-foot by 2-foot tegular, lay-in ceiling tile.
Our wall panels are donning four new patterns: the iconic Subway Tile; a brick-patterned Herringbone; a highly-dimensional, rectangular Tetrus; and the North African-inspired Morocco that echoes the region’s iconic ogee shape. All are offered as 4-foot by 8-foot panels.
Note: These new MirroFlex patterns + finishes will be on our website for the Phase 2 launch.

Hot Off the Press

All the new finishes and patterns as well as new photography can be seen in our brand new MirroFlex Catalogs. Our catalog has also been revamped with real-life case studies, more technical information, defining icons throughout that mark prominent features.
We will be sending the catalogs to our sales reps and distributors within the next couple of weeks so be on the look out for that. Remember you can always call us at (800) 849-1320 or visit our new site,, to order samples and promotional materials.