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Whether you’re designing for healthcare, education, business or residential buildings – selecting the right solutions for daylight and privacy control can be daunting. Unicel Architectural is the leading manufacturer of integrated privacy and shading products – for both insulating glass units with integrated louvers or integrated blinds.

For over 50 years, Unicel has built a reputation for the most advanced aluminum and glass solutions for interior and exterior openings. Unicel’s products are guaranteed for longevity, optimized for energy efficiency, and customizable to any design requirements.

Unicel is ranked tops for:
• The highest value, custom-designed integrated louvers or Venetian blinds-between-glass
• Consistent customer satisfaction – project after project
• The latest technology for daylight and vision control
• Proven envelope solutions for LEED certified buildings
• Thousands of privacy solution installations in hospitals around the world
• Over 15 major industry awards for innovation and design

Vision Control® Integrated Louvers

Vision Control® is a patented, hermetically sealed glass unit, combining louvers within glass that can be customized to virtually any shape for interior or exterior glazing applications. Its advanced louvered glazing technology eliminates strings, ensures alignment and requires no maintenance. When installed in exterior applications, Vision Control® significantly reduces energy consumption in support of LEED certification requirements.

Vision Control® offers unprecedented control over:
• Vision – completely adjustable privacy and visibility levels
• Light – optimal light distribution and prevention of unwanted glare, heat and UV rays
• Heat – solar heat barriers for optimal thermal performance
• Sound – sound wave barriers for tranquility in any setting

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ViuLite® Integrated Blinds

ViuLite® is a system of blinds that are permanently sealed within a double-glazed cavity for a completely dust-free and maintenance-free environment. ViuLite® ensures total protection against dirt, germs and weather conditions. ViuLite® provides protection from solar radiation and can quickly regulate the internal environmental lighting levels. It filters light transmission and controls the effects of daylight with a simple tilting of the blinds. Heat and visual comfort are easily adjusted to accommodate the changing seasonal conditions.

Hermetically sealed, ViuLite® Venetian blinds are produced with 1/2” (12.5mm) wide aluminum slats featuring a choice of colors. The versatility of both product choice and control mechanisms makes ViuLite® suitable for all types of framing systems.

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