Rocks Series

This translucent resin stone series offers all the natural beauty of stone with the option of illuminating it with backlighting. A beautiful option for any countertop or feature wall panel.

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  • Treme Strisce

  • Onyx Velluto

  • Onyx Travertino

  • Onyx Toffee

  • Onyx Tigrato

  • Onyx Swiss Coffee

  • Onyx Sea Foam

  • Onyx Pistachio

  • Onyx Morning Light

  • Onyx Latte

  • Onyx Jade

  • Onyx Honey

  • Onyx Evening Shade

  • Onyx Classico

  • Onyx Cappuccino

  • Onyx Autumn Mist

  • Onyx Amber

  • Marble Striato Grigio

  • Marble Glacier White

  • Marble Dior

  • Glacier Strisce

  • Basalt Strisce

  • Alabaster White Cloud

  • Alabaster Silver Streak

  • Alabaster Cafe