Laminated Colored Glass

Laminated Colored Glass Toolbox

The GlasPro Color Toolbox™


35 Standard Colors with endless combinations

With our GlasPro Color ToolBox™ you can create over 6 million tones of colored glass. Want something that looks like the depths of the ocean? Try Lagoon+Sand. What looks like a harvest sunset? Try Sunflower+Blush+Mist.

Our palette of decorative glass colors allows you to take control and create whatever range your project needs. Ideal for retail and commercial applications, we give you the ability to meet the needs of even the most particular client. With a max size of 96×180 we are able to bring colored glass to even the largest of spaces.

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Colors are available in a range of four transparencies

Laminated Colored Glass colored-glass-transparent


Laminated Colored Glass colored-glass+sea-salt

+ Sea Salt

Laminated Colored Glass colored-glass+fog-white

+ Fog White

Laminated Colored Glass colored-glass-opaque