Put the Pebble to the Metal with Our Artful Metals Collection
The Latest Addition to Our Fusion Product Line!

ATI has put the “pebble to the metal” with Artful Metals, a bright new collection of metal and patina-inspired finish options available on a variety of 4′ x 8′ Fusion substrates, including newest textured substrate, Pebble Aluminum.

Designed to respond to the increasing demand for easy-to-install, yet eye catching metals, the Artful Metals Collection contains 15 unique, metal options that range from bright colorful patinas, rich oxidized coppers, and artistic modern-treated metals available in 4′ x 8′ size. Combined with our new Pebble Aluminum substrate, you can add depth and feel to the printed artwork.

Pebble Aluminum is a unique, unbacked customizable substrate with a stipple-like coating that creates a smooth pebbled texture. Pebble Aluminum is easy-to-install, with no counterbalancing required, and suitable for a variety of interior applications, including: wall panels, divider panels, displays, and large format murals. By combining custom or Fusion stock imagery with Pebble Aluminum, you can create an engaging, custom design on a durable, scratch-resistant surface – perfect for any space.

Artful Metals Collection

Artful Metals is available on 4′ x 8′ sheets of ATI’s Fusion substrates, including our new Pebble Aluminum. Click here to see a list of available Fusion substrates. (The images shown below are represented on Mill Satin Aluminum.)

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