AIR-board Honeycomb Polycarbonate Panels

AIR-board honeycomb polycarbonate panels

Translucent / Durable / Lightweight / UV-resistant

AIR-board honeycomb polycarbonate panels features a rigid honeycomb core and polycarbonate facing sheets. It is ideal for indoor or outdoor use, and is durable enough to withstand the harshest weather. It provides thermal insulation, has high-bending strength and is easy to fabricate.

AIR-board honeycomb polycarbonate panels

Moxie Surfaces offers 4 types of AIR-board:

  • AIR-board UV PC – Transparent UV-protected polycarbonate (PC) facing sheets
  • AIR-board UV PC Color – Colored, transparent UV-protected PC facing sheets
  • AIR-board UV Satin – Semi-transparent, slightly textured, colored UV-protected PMMA facing sheets
  • Color-AIR-board UV PC – Transparent UV-protected PC facing sheets with a color core

Standard Dimensions*

  • 118.9″ x 39.3″ x 3/4″ (3020mm x 1000mm x 19mm)
    118.9″ x 48″ x 3/4″ (3020mm x 1220mm x 19mm)
    (AIR-board UV PC Translucent only)

Core Options

AIR-board, Big AIR-board

Chaos AIR-board, Color AIR-board UV PC

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Facing Sheet Colors*


Orange, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue

Clear, Opal, Orange, Glass Green, Ice Blue, Gray

Core Colors*

Translucent, Pink, Green, Yelblue

*custom colors and panel sizes available, minimums apply

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