The Benefits of Using Polycarbonate Honeycomb Panels for Building and Construction

AIR-board sound absorbing polycarbonate panels

Polycarbonate Honeycomb Panels

Not using polycarbonate honeycomb panels in your indoor or outdoor design projects? Well, you should. This versatile, virtually indestructible plastic is a hugely popular choice for architects everywhere, used for a plethora of applications, from windows and skylights to roofs and wall panels. Still not convinced? Below are some of the top benefits of using polycarbonate honeycomb panels for all your building and construction ventures.

Boastfully Bendable 

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic, meaning it is extremely pliable and moldable. When heated, this type of plastic becomes soft, capable of being formed into a wide variety of shapes and structures. Because polycarbonate can also be cooled and heated countless times without degrading, it is completely recyclable, making it the perfect solution for your wallet and the environment.

Surprisingly Shock Resistant

Looking for a tough alternative to glass? When it comes to durability, polycarbonate honeycomb panels can’t be beat. It is the solid solution for your entire project process, from transportation to installation. Polycarbonate is not only shock and fracture resistant to the elements and falling debris, but also has a long life, holding up and looking great for many years.

Legitimately Lightweight  

When compared to glass, polycarbonate is less than half the weight. Because it is lightweight, this kind of plastic is easier to transport, lift, and work with, making your building and construction projects move along more smoothly.

Incredibly Insulating

Will your next project be near a noisy location? If loud sounds are going to be an issue, polycarbonate honeycomb panels create effective acoustic barriers, helping to block out the noise of traffic, school zones, and construction sites. These insulating panels also make extra air pockets around your building and construction projects, boosting their thermal performance.

Immaculately Illuminating  

Want to add natural lighting to your building and construction projects? Polycarbonate honeycomb panels are a leading choice for illuminating homes and businesses. And because these panels are coated with UV protection, you won’t have to worry about damage caused by the sun’s radiation.

Strong, versatile, lightweight, and easily transformed in to a host of design options—polycarbonate honeycomb panels can add so much to all your building and construction projects.

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