ATI Decorative Laminates – Introducing The Divine Elements NuMetal Collection

A NuMetal Collection Inspired by Nature and Mythology We're proud to launch the highly-anticipated new collection of NuMetal™ high-pressure laminates - the Divine Elements Collection. This collection contains 14 new NuMetal combinations inspired by nature and mythology. The Divine Elements Collection combines qualities from water and rare earth elements to celebrate the unique relationship between nature's raw power and human curiosity. Our new HPL finishes range from Rose Gold and Gun Metal to Polished Smoke and classic Brushed Aluminum. The patterns draw

Hot off the Press! – New ATI Artful Metals/Pebble Aluminum Sales Sheet

New Artful Metals/Pebble Aluminum Sales Sheet The Artful Metals Collection contains 15 unique, metal options including "Funky Cold Patina" and "Welcome Back Copper." These metals are available in 4' x 8' sheets of our aluminum substrates, including the new Pebble Aluminum. Pebble Aluminum is an unbacked, customizable substrate with a stipple-like coating that creates a smooth, pebbled texture adding depth and feel to the printed artwork. This sales sheet includes product information, installation suggestions as well as features and testing information. ORDER NOW! All

Exciting New Additions to MirroFlex™ Structures!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: SPREAD THE WORD! On August 25, we gave our most valued distributors a sneak preview of new products and capabilities before we sent a series of press releases to the media. We're pleased to announce that this information may be shared with customers and the general public. Thank you for your patience! New MirroFlex Structures Patterns ATI is proud to introduce 8 exciting new patterns to MirroFlex Structures. These new patterns offer a range of beautiful contemporary designs - from the


MirroFlex™ Decorative Acoustic Ceilings ATI's new MirroFlex decorative acoustic ceiling tiles are perforated, and the perfect solution for noise absorption, with the added benefit of beautiful designs to enhance your space.  Our customers can now add a decorative component to their suspended ceilings with the added benefit of noise absorption.  Unlike other ceiling tiles which are flat and plain, ATI's decorative acoustic tiles are very affordable, and are available in a wide variety of decorative patterns formed into the perforated tile. These

NEW – GlasPro-Bird Safe

Bird friendly glass for buildings and zoos THE FACTS Over 100 million bird deaths annually Reflective, transparent materials cause hazardous collisions Birds attempt to reach shelter, food and migratory paths reflected in glass “The wide variety of native birds that thrive in urban areas underscores the importance of these artificial habitats to the survival of many bird populations. Creating green-space in urban environments, landscaping with native plants in backyards and parks, adopting architecture and lighting systems that reduce collisions, and keeping pets indoors will provide

Lumisplash Lighted laminate systems and Digital Printing

Lumisplash is the first ultra-thin, lighted laminate system with no air gap required for LEDs. The LuxCore surface has impressive impact, scratch, chemical, and abrasion resistant properties allowing it to be used in a variety of applications such as: ⬤ Backsplashes ⬤ Table & Bar Tops ⬤ Ceilings & Light Fixtures ⬤ Art ⬤ Signage Lumisplash Laminates combines eye-catching art with lighting in a durable laminate so you can express your personality and enhance your branding in any space. b_4

Check out our new products and capabilities…

img_1Moxie design composite panels with expanded core technology offers unparalleled structural capabilities while providing a breadth of cool + lightweight design options img_2Moxie polycarbonates provide a variety of benefits including extremely high rigidity, sound absorption, light transmission and thermal insulation while offering unlimited applications for indoor or outdoor design. To learn more about design composites as well as our many other capabilities and products

New line, Dividers hardware by COX USA

  DIVIDERS by COXUSA is a distinct collection of innovative and contemporary sliding door panels with proprietary door hardware systems used in wardrobe applications, surface mounted doors, wall pockets, corner room dividers, pivot doors or wall partitions. The DIVIDERS Hardware Collection showcases function + design — the interplay of aesthetically designed contemporary sliding door panels combined with uniquely engineered functionality. Designed for residential and mixed-use projects, the DIVIDERS Collection is limited to interior applications only. The DIVIDERS Collection of products pushes for a redefinition