Lumisplash Lighted laminate systems and Digital Printing

Lumisplash is the first ultra-thin, lighted laminate system with no air gap required for LEDs. The LuxCore surface has impressive impact, scratch, chemical, and abrasion resistant properties allowing it to be used in a variety of applications such as: ⬤ Backsplashes ⬤ Table & Bar Tops ⬤ Ceilings & Light Fixtures ⬤ Art ⬤ Signage Lumisplash Laminates combines eye-catching art with lighting in a durable laminate so you can express your personality and enhance your branding in any space. b_4

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img_1Moxie design composite panels with expanded core technology offers unparalleled structural capabilities while providing a breadth of cool + lightweight design options img_2Moxie polycarbonates provide a variety of benefits including extremely high rigidity, sound absorption, light transmission and thermal insulation while offering unlimited applications for indoor or outdoor design. To learn more about design composites as well as our many other capabilities and products