Translucent & Laminate LuxCore™ FRP Panels

Luxcore FRP Panels

LuxCore FRP Panels are the newest part of the FusionTech line and it offers many unique features. The translucent panels pass sanitary codes and are easy to clean. Therefore it is suitable for wet environments such as commercial kitchens and baths. LuxCore resists scratching and is highly durable, making it perfect Wall protection in high traffic areas. The panels can be used as wainscot or to cover an accent wall. When left as a translucent panel it makes beautiful room dividers and modesty panels and can be back-lit. If a backing is added the colors become even more vibrant and LuxCore makes an excellent wainscoting or wall covering.

The Fusion Process allows you to create any custom design by submitting your own art work or choosing from our stock line. Design options for these translucent laminates are only limited by your imagination.

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